Workshop Results

Sheridan Meeting

Report Out and Rankings

Sheridan, 12-6-18

Question 1:  What Do You Love Most About Sheridan County?

  • Outdoor natural spaces/resources/recreation/working ranchland, clean streams, Bighorn access (24)
  • City experience in small town atmosphere (9)
  • Economic opportunities, diversity (12)
  • Community gathering places (YMCA, WYO Theater, etc.) (10)
  • Bighorn viewshed (20)
  • Community generosity (charitable giving) (6)
  • Historical richness (9)
  • Agricultural resources (5)
  • Population density -> walkability (1)
  • Water quality (5)

Question 2:  Imagine the year is 2028. Your friends have come for a visit. You open the morning paper or go to your favorite local news site, read a great headline, turn to your friend and say, “Listen to this headline about our county!” What is the headline?   [NOTE:  headlines were not ranked at this workshop.]  

  • Sheridan County voted #1 best county for the 10th straight year
  • Sheridan County rated highest in three sectors ten years running: livable wage, diversity of employment opportunities, open space
  • Sheridan County reaches its 2018 goals
  • Sheridan County boasts lowest crime rate in Wyoming
  • World record Bull Elk taken in Sheridan County
  • Sheridan County 10 years ago not much different than today
  • Average home price (falls?)
  • New city swimming pool opens today
  • Sheridan College offers 4-year Bachelor’s degrees
  • Sheridan County Leads Mountain West in quality of life ad livability survey
  • Sheridan County has new mountain bike paths!
  • Solar City manufacturing hires for new solar product development
  • Sheridan County attains economic sustainability
  • Sheridan County wildlife is thriving in the presence of a local thriving economy and community
  • Sheridan County preserves its natural resources and maintains high quality of life!
  • County protects private property rights!
  • Average wages exceed median home prices
  • Sheridan County’s average age is now 39!
  • Sheridan County recognized as the safest friendliest place to live
  • Sheridan County tops the nation in economic opportunity diversity!
  • Sheridan County named best community in Wyoming to raise a family: livable wages, affordable housing, green spaces
  • Pathway connecting Dayton to Ranchester to Sheridan to Big Horn to Story completed
  • Sheridan County leads Wyoming in economic diversity
  • Sheridan, WY voted #1 for beauty, open spaces, best 4-year college, economic opportunity, and diversity of all small towns in US
  • Sheridan County voted most livable county along Rocky Mountain states
  • Ring road circling Sheridan is finally complete
  • Sheridan County is still the most desirable place to live in Wyoming
  • Amazon HQ is coming to your county
  • Sheridan School District 2 named top in the nation
  • Wildlife thriving in Sheridan County
  • Sheridan County Wyoming named best place for facilities to live in the US
  • Sheridan County successfully balances urban sprawl while protecting open spaces
  • The downtown river walk is completed!
  • Sheridan County awarded most desirable place to live in US
  • Local shop celebrates 50 years
  • Everyone in Sheridan County has a home and makes a livable wage
  • Responding to outside pressure, Sheridan’s coal country turns into Wyoming’s diamond

Question 3:  What specific issues or situations in Sheridan County cause you the most concern?  

  • Turf wars, competing organizations (1)
  • Lack of County funding, unsustainable tax base (12)
  • Lack of infrastructure funding (7)
  • Lack of housing
  • Over-representation (as a state in Congress); welfare (agriculture)
  • Diversity in economic base (9)
  • High cost of living (4)
  • Urban sprawl, unmanaged growth (15)
  • Conversion of ag -> industrial uses (2)
  • Low wages (5)
  • Misinterpretation of past plans
  • Affordable housing (11)
  • Trained, available labor force (8)
  • Becoming Teton County (10)
  • Lack of racial, ethnic diversity (3)
  • Boom and Bust cycles (2)