Opportunities and Issues

Planning Workshops Week


During the week of December 3rd, Sheridan County kicked off its comprehensive plan update by hosting four public workshops around the county and “Coffee With Consultants” drop-in sessions at Java Moon in Sheridan.  The following documents are summaries of the input we received during these events.  Although there was significant agreement among various citizen groups on what they cherish about Sheridan County and their hopes and concerns for the future, each event also included unique observations and contributions.  We hope you find these summaries as insightful and useful as we do.

See the results of the workshops here:

Ranchester/Dayton Meeting 12.3.18

Clearmont Meeting 12.4.18

Big Horn/Story Meeting 12.5.18

Sheridan Meeting 12.6.18



As the results above demonstrate, the nearly 100 participants in the workshops provided plenty of insights and opinions about Sheridan County which will be used to form the backbone of the Plan Update.  Below you’ll see the lists of the top responses that were received at each workshop, followed by the link showing the results of the four-day Coffee with Consultants that was held in Sheridan.

Question:  What Do You Love Most
About Sheridan County?


  • Mountains
  • Open space
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture/ranching
  • Natural beauty


  • Small community atmosphere
  • Rural character—wildlife, ranchland

Big Horn/Story

  • Open space
  • Water—riparian areas
  • Big Horn mountains:  easy to access, outdoor activities without
    over-population, not overcrowded
  • Value private property ownership and supporting
    local business

Sheridan Workshop

  • Outdoor natural
    spaces/resources/recreation/working ranchland, clean streams, Bighorn access
  • Bighorn viewshed
  • Economic opportunities, diversity
  • Community gathering places (YMCA, WYO Theater,
  • Historical richness
  • City experience in small town atmosphere

Question:  What specific issues or situations in
Sheridan County cause you the most concern?


  • Unmanaged growth/attracting economic
  • Lack of economic opportunities besides
  • Rising cost of living/lack of affordable housing
  • Lack of involvement/lack of informed citizens


  • Affordability—low wages/high costs
  • Services for an aging population, particularly
    in remote areas, such as medical, meals, and senior centers

Big Horn/Story

  • Urban interface/fire—building next to forest/foothills;
    climate change
  • Increasing density
  • Lack of well-paying jobs and high cost of
  • Waste handling

Sheridan Workshop

  • Urban sprawl, unmanaged growth
  • Lack of County funding, unsustainable tax base
  • Affordable housing
  • Becoming Teton County
  • Diversity in economic base

Results from “Coffee with Consultants” Outreach