June 10, 2019 Open House

On June 10, a public open house was held at the Watt Agriculture Center on the Sheridan College campus.  The open house was advertised twice in the Sheridan Press, on the project website and Facebook page, and by email to stakeholders and those that attended the December Planning Week events.  Multiple displays were available for public review and comment, including updated maps focusing on current conditions, draft goals, a list of the 2008 Plan actions that have been accomplished, and a draft vision statement.  A map of the entire county was used by attendees to identify where future residential, commercial, and industrial uses should go. 

A follow up public event was held on June 20, 2019, when the project team had a booth at the Third Thursday Street Festival.  Several maps were available for view, along with the draft land use goals.  Another countywide map was used to again obtain input as to where future residential, commercial, and industrial land uses should occur. 

The draft goals and maps that were presented at the open house and Third Thursday are attached below for review and comment. 

Planning Goals Review

The Citizen Advisory Committee has developed planning goals for Sheridan County in the process of the plan update. Please take a few minutes and give input into these goals with the following survey:

Plan Sheridan County Goals Survey

Map Gallery

Below are several maps that are in the process of being updated for the 2019 plan update.  Most of them show current conditions in the county, such as fire districts, water and sewer service areas, and existing land use.  Others illustrate ideas proposed for consideration (i.e. long range trails map).  Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to County Planner Mark Reid by email mreid@sheridancounty.com or by calling County Planning at (307) 675-2420.