Coffee with Consultants

Java Moon, Sheridan

December 4-6, 2018

What is your #1 concern for Sheridan County’s future?

  • Disconnect between employers and employees
  • Affordable housing
  • A little more planning and less gerrymandering to build Woodland School; Schiffer School—in city or county?
  • Pot holes
  • Sidewalks aren’t good
  • The impact of the 80-acre zoning law. I believe this has been detrimental to the opportunity for moderate income families to purchase land in the county. The few smaller tracts of land have been bid up in price, e.g. a 7-acre lot at the curve going into Big Horn just went under contract for $405k. My conclusion is that this tract would not have sold for anywhere near this price if there were no 80-acre minimum. You probably know as well that financing is generally not available for 80 acre parcels. I understand and agree with the Commission’s view that density is paramount, but it appears to have detrimental consequences
  • That we maintain what makes us special—beautify area, friendly people, quality of life—while changing and growing with a thriving economy
  • Improve or maintain dark skies!
  • Butterflies—pollinators (loss of)
  • Keeping a balance between recreation and the expanding energy industry
  • Housing affordability that correlates with employment wages (>$200k for buy, $1k for rent)
  • Access to public lands, rivers, and creeks; trails for biking, hiking, running, etc.; and connectivity between them J
  • We need to ensure a vibrant and balanced economy, diversified with tourism, light industry and professional services
  • That our officials don’t elevate themselves or become knowledgeable about the importance of conserving public spaces and viewsheds throughout our county
  • A larger gap between the upper and lower class
  • Not becoming a continuous strip mall
  • Zoning:  commercial and residential—better standards for compatibility

What are your hopes for Sheridan County’s future?

  • Support for recruitment, training, workforce that is here!
  • We export our youth by failing to paint a picture of Sheridan County with them and their future included.  Youth, consideration and encouragement of their creativity.  Gotta have itJ.
  • Modernize and move forward with making Main Street more walkable
  • Employment that’s not energy-based
  • We become a truly Christian community
  • I live for the future
  • Continuing sense of pride, civility and respect for land. These characteristics exist to a large extent today. They are driven, in my opinion, by the leadership and vision of the County Commissioners and staff.       
  • A thriving community in Story with great places to eat and stay, and a trail system that enhances both the locals and tourists experience…while maintaining our natural beauty and quiet community!
  • Family decorating trees (5-yr-old citizen’s illustration)
  • Riding horses; bears decorating trees (5-yr-old citizen’s illustration)
  • More access to Big/Little Goose River; Tongue River access
  • Expanding recreation
  • Expanded connectivity, bike/pedestrian network
  • We maintain and improve strong connections to public lands and the public lands economy
  • A community that invests in its natural resources and supports balanced growth and development
  • To preserve the river corridors and protect space along the corridors for public enjoyment; limit/restrict subdivision development in these areas for the protection of viewscapes along the river ways
  • For there to be inclusive recreational opportunities
  • Good air service
  • Good economic base
  • Quality open space
  • Clean creeks

December 4, 2018 Question of the Day:  What do you love about Sheridan County?

  • I love the Bighorn Wild & Scenic Trail run!

December 5, 2018 Question of the Day:  You open the paper 10 years from today—what is the headline you see about Sheridan County?

  • Sheridan County ranks #1 in the state for a vibrant tourism economy!
  • 100% of graduates have found employment in Sheridan County and able to stay!
  • Bighorn Access Project Complete:  Land Trust, County and Forest Service connect trails from town to the forest

December 6, 2018 Question of the Day:  What are the major issues/concerns you have for Sheridan County

  • Affordability
  • Over-development
  • Maintaining Main Street vitality