Big Horn/Story Meeting

Big Horn, 12-5-18

Report-out and Rankings

Question 1:  What Do You Love Most About Sheridan County?

  • Big Horn mountains:  easy to access, outdoor activities without over-population, not overcrowded (7)
  • Value private property ownership and supporting local business (4)
  • Sense of community
  • Support for cultural diversity and the arts (3)
  • Wildlife
  • Open space (9)
  • Water—riparian areas (8)
  • History (1)
  • Size

Question 2:  Imagine the year is 2028. Your friends have come for a visit. You open the morning paper or go to your favorite local news site, read a great headline, turn to your friend and say “Listen to this headline about our county!” What is the headline?

  • Sheridan County continues the slow, steady growth its been experiencing over the past decade
  • County grows, but maintains small town charm without sprawl
  • Sheridan County best medium-size town in USA
  • Sheridan has grown to be a high-tech manufacturing center in Wyoming and southern Montana since 2018
  • High tech jobs on the rise; housing becoming affordable
  • Sheridan County named best rural community to raise a family
  • Another large organization opening a headquarters/branch office in Sheridan
  • A socially responsible organization who plans to hire with[in] the community
  • Science has found a way to jettison carbon dioxide into outer space
  • Wyomingites bask in the benefits of having retained their open spaces and riparian areas
  • Sheridan Count is recognized for maintain its open spaces and recognizing their importance to it historic diversity
  • Award for wildlife/riparian conservation practices
  • Sheridan County has been recognized for maintaining its open spaces and recognizing their importance to its history & diversity
  • All the unincorporated communities in Sheridan county incorporate/Story-Arvada-Big Horn incorporate/Story Big Horn Clearmont incorporate
  • Sheridan County achieves perfect balance of urban population density and open space

Question 3:  What specific issues or situations in Sheridan County cause you the most concern?

  • Increasing density (7)
  • Waste handling (5)
  • Population demographics—need more cultural diversity (2)
  • Water resources/supply/availability/use (3)
  • Urban interface/fire—building next to forest/foothills; climate change (8)
  • Distribution of land use to promote long-term jobs (2)
  • Lack of well-paying jobs and high cost of housing (6)
  • Embrace uniqueness of Wyoming; more proactive and less reactive (1)
  • Planning uncertainty (in process) (1)